My Futsal Journey

“As a young player I was physically very small, I didn’t have a growth spurt until I was 17 years old. The physical side of my game was a major hindrance in 11-a-side football and to be honest was a reason I fell out of love with the game as I often dreaded the prospect of playing against well developed boys on match days. I wish I knew about futsal when I was a youth player as it suits technical players who can think quickly and appreciate space. Futsal would have been perfect for me when I was growing up.”

Shaz has been coaching youth football since 2012 working with children from 4-16 years of age. He has worked previously as a PE coach in primary schools across North London and holds a FA level 2 license in futsal and football coaching. He has coached at various youth football clubs including Arsenal Football Club.

Shaz plays football at a semi professional level for Hadley FC and was a youth player at Barnet academy from 9-15 years of age.

“I was first introduced to futsal during my time at Loughborough University. The coaching experience I received there was second to none and the game itself was so fast paced. You got plenty of touches, especially relative to the non-league football I was previously playing. I just completely fell in love with it. It improved my awareness of where team mates should be and my speed of thought too.”

I set up London Futsal Stars because I know there is a lack of opportunity to play futsal in London. I had never heard of futsal until I went to Loughborough! 

I didn’t want kids to miss out on playing this great game. Not only is futsal extremely fun but it makes you a better football player.