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“I am eternally grateful and feel very lucky and fortunate that the London Futsal Star’s summer camp is running in our home town. Long may it continue. I think local authorities up and down the country should be pumping some money into schemes like this as the past 18 months has caused havoc with our children’s daily lives and life enjoyment. I feel bad for my son and he has working parents and extended family, for those children that don’t, they will need all the support they can get and this scheme is a great start.” (FOOTBALL CAMP)

” It has been so impressive to see how much progress the kids made with their technique, speed of thought and awareness. Even better, that all happened while they had so much fun and motivation because of the league format. They would jump at the chance to play in the LFS 3-a-side league anytime!”

“My son thinks Malik is wonderful and he has done such a good job of getting his attention and making it fun. All the kids are clearly having such a great time.” (BAMBINO CLASS)

“Malik is amazing. My son is super shy but warmed up to it all by the end. I know he loves it.” (BAMBINO CLASS).

“This kind of summer camp is exactly what our community needs! It’s amazing to have something that is so well organised and so much fun for the kids! Thank you so much to all the organisers of the Futsal Stars!”

“The coaching staff are friendly and approachable. They are very understanding when it comes to my autistic son’s needs, making him feel at ease and making feel like one of the group”.

“I have 2 children in the Futsal Star’s summer camp and they are absolutely loving it! They both like football in the park but I signed them both up for different reasons. My son finds it hard in new settings and surroundings but the coaches are so super friendly he hasn’t thought twice about it. My daughter is an outdoorsy and active girl, spending time indoors doesn’t always suit her. This camp is allowing her 4 hours of exercise for body and mind 3 times a week over the summer holiday.” (FOOTBALL CAMP)
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